Cyclone Cart Coaster

Go cart wood racetrack roller coaster with big sign that says Cyclone

Cyclone Cart Coaster Information

Jolly Roger presents, the Cyclone Cart Coaster! Over 1500 feet long and five stories tall, the Cyclone fuses two of your favorite park attractions: go-carts and roller coasters. 78 pilings, 83,000 stainless steel bolts, and 22,320 square feet of lumber have merged in harmony to yield the five-story track… and the world’s first cart coaster! Hop into one of our 40 new go-carts, which pack twice the horsepower of our regular carts. Race friends and family round and round the dizzying track, experiencing a racing thrill like no other. On your mark, get set, RACE!

Special Requirements:
Ticket Requirement: Extreme Ride Ticket

Minimum height to ride as a passenger:

Minimum height to drive a passenger:

Minimum height to drive alone: